Preparing You Quilt
For The Longarm

Our Process

Of Preparing Your Quilt

Backing must be 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.

Batting must be at least 3 inches larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides

Remove loose threads and check that all seams are secure.

Make sure your quilt lies flat. Borders should be measured prior to adding to your quilt. This will ensure that your quilt will not have wavy borders that cannot be quilted out. See this link for instructions on how to measure your borders.

Make sure your backing is square. Wide backings are preferred. We cannot guarantee that pieced backings will come out the way you intend them.

Have your quilt top and backing fabric completely pressed, making sure all seams are pressed flat. The selvedge edge of fabric should be removed from seams on backing. The selvedge edge will shrink differently than the rest of the fabric when laundered.

Thread ends are knotted and clipped. If you do not want the threads clipped they can be left long for you to pull through later

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